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> 02/19/15 ~ NAWBO-MN's Inaugural Public Policy Event

> 03/17/15 ~ Sourcing Best Practices for Small Businesses at Large Corporations

> 05/21/15 ~ Marketing and Branding Fundamentals

> 06/18/15 ~ Annual Meeting

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After careful consideration-polling my family and network-2014 began a new journey for me as a management consultant. I started NSYT Management Consulting, LLC to take my 25 year business journey and experiences to assist startups and small business owners to turn their company around. We begin with employees or “human capital” because they are your chief asset. An organization is only as good as it’s people! Understanding workforce planning and strategy (and why you are hiring). Then, we help you to understand how to meet current and future organizational and, individual needs. We work with business owners on employee management (HR services) and move into business strategies, collaborative marketing and sales development-growing your business with the ultimate goal of succession planning. If you don’t have that goal in mind, you should. Enjoy the building process and plan for your future.

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National Association of
Women Business Owners - Minnesota


Welcome to the National Association of Women Business Owners - Minnesota Chapter (NAWBO-MN). We provide a local avenue for women entrepreneurs to connect with their peers. Women business owners, large and small, join together for regular networking, educational programs, mentorship and support. Nationally, NAWBO was founded in 1975 to open doors for women entrepreneurs by transforming public policy and leveling the playing field. Representing the issues and concerns of women-owned businesses at the national, state and local levels, NAWBO is in the forefront of advocating on behalf of women business owners and the issues that impact their companies.

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